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Huge ‘Organic’ Alien Spaceship on Our Moon? (Video)

Nigel Hawkins, a member of the group “Mars and Planetary Anomalies Europe” on Facebook, discovered this huge organic ufo on the surface of the moon, using google moon. Who does not remember the UFO filmed in Puerto Rico, which was analyzed by scientists and determined to be a legitimate anomaly? Now a researcher claims that this type of UFO is a living organism, which it calls “Organic UFO” (OUFO), or “Organic UFO.” According to researchers Joshua P. Warren, the “new” type of UFO would have been filmed several times in Puerto Rico. Warren’s thesis is that these can become living organisms, since they do not look well structured, like a machine, and seem to interact with humans in a new way, often appearing when required. An interesting thesis, considering the fact that these objects are different from what UFO has studied. Also in Canada Wildlife photographer Ken Rice took the pictures when something unusual suddenly appeared in the sky – An Unidentified Flying Object, Organic-Looking UFO he says he has never seen anything like it and has no idea what it is.