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Project Blue Beam: Another Floating City Appears in China’s Sky! (Video)

According to the Daily Mail on June 6, 2017, another floating city was captured on video from multiple residents in the Chinese city of Wuzhong. Apparently, the scene unfolded just after a major hail storm. Of course government experts are claiming that this was just another mirage, and nothing to see here. But each time these floating cities occur it is getting harder and harder for people to believe in that theory as there has been multiple floating cities reported all over the world since the first one appeared in 2015. Could this just be a Project Blue Beam Beta test?

Residents in north-central China have been left shocked after seeing what they thought was a floating city.

A 25-second clip shows a transparent shape of tall buildings in the sky with clear structures.

The scene appeared following a hailstorm on June 6 in Wuzhong City.  According to Pear, the video was taken in Wuzhong city, Ningxia autonomous region.

Web users quickly identified the scene as mirage, or Fata Morgana, an optical phenomenon in which a displaced object is reflected in the sky, land or sea.

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau recorded a rainfall of over 100mm and issued a hailstorm warning signal in the afternoon on June 6.

Residents were shocked to see the scene in the sky.

It is not known where the reflected buildings are from.

There is no official statement from the meteorological bureau confirming the cause of the scene.

Earlier this year, blurry images of skyscrapers appeared from the clouds in southern China and local meteorological experts claimed it was caused by radiation fog.