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UFO spotted above mount Everest in a 2 billion pixel photograph (Photo+VIDEO)

Year after year, hundreds of mountaineers climb Mount Everest. Their dream is to conquer the highest mountain on earth. David Breashears is a well-known mountaineer that summited Mount Everest 5 times and is mostly known for his amazing Imax video that was recorded in 1996 during the tragic event in which eight climbers died because they were trapped by a blizzard near the summit.

These events are well documented in Jon Krakauer’s bestselling book “Into thin air”. In 2012 David Breashears created a stunning 2 billion pixel photograph of Mount Everest to investigate the impact of global warming in the Himalayans. This amazing photo shows us Mount Everest in all it’s glory. We see the tents at basecamp where more than 500 climbers start their journey towards the top. The Khumbu icefall is the first hurdle that mountaineers need to pass. Once they passed this maze of seracs and crevasses, they reach camp three by climbing the vertical wall of the Lhotse face.

Their final push to the top is done via the southeast ridge. When we zoom in on one of the neighboring mountains, we can see a UFO flying at an altitude higher than Mount Everest (that’s 29,029 ft, the cruising altitude of a Boeing 747 airplane). There are many stories and legends of the legendary Vimanas, flying machines that were described in ancient text in the Himalayans. This picture could prove they exist.

Checkout HD picture here: