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“Roswell Rock” A Message From Space and The Key to Another Dimension?

Finding a rock isn’t something unusual. We see them all the time, yes some can be beautiful and maybe worth collecting. Some may hold secrets of past life by having fossils found within. But this particular rock which was discovered near one of the two legendary alien crash sites in Roswell, New Mexico is like no other rock ever found before.

The rock which was found by a 56-year-old man by the name of Robert L. Ridge back in 2004 seems to be truly a unique find. According to Mr. Ridge, he discovered the rock while out bow collecting and just happened to catch his eye, with good reason. Although completely covered in dirt at the time there was still something strange about the object that caught his interest. When he took the rock home to be cleaned, he found that it was even more of a mystery than he first thought.

The rock was perfectly smooth and rounded, but this was just the beginning of what was different about it. Turns out that this rock also mysterious symbols on it. The only way to describe the symbols on the rock were that these seem to resemble the unexplained crop circles that have also appeared on the earth with no given explanation. The symbols on the rock were like two crescent moons that were joined in the center corners. Given the proximity of the rock to one of the notorious Roswell alien crash sites could it be something that was carried on one of the space crafts?

According to Mr. Ridge, the look of the rock makes it almost seem impossible that such an object could have an origin to the planet earth given it’s smooth and perfect edges along with the pattern. Some who have seen this rock believe that it could have been left by the aliens as a message to the earth. It is believed that maybe the aliens were trying to warn the earth of what could be an impending doom. These, however, are just theories about what the rock cold mean. So far the origins or even the fact that this rock does have any true purpose is still a mystery that is out. Kind of like the famed alien crash sites in Roswell, New Mexico.