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Angelina Jolie Reveals Hollywood Illuminati Rituals (VIDEO)

4.56pm, 4th march, 2017, a secretly filmed footage video describing satanic rituals have been revealed in YouTube. Filmed in 1999, the video shows young Angelina Jolie exposing performance of secret Illuminati rituals.


Jolie describes taking the Illuminati initiation of rituals so as to get established in Hollywood. She even explains the horrible and frightful ritual required to join the Order of Illuminati. She reveals that in the rituals include they tie up the body of anyone who comes to join the sect and other members rape and torture the newbies. There have been many comparisons of such rituals to the S&M, but she claims there are differences in the Illuminati rituals. Jolie looks demented and bewitched while revealing her experiences with the Illuminati Masonic Secret Society to her friends.

She accepts to have sacrificed a snake and took an inscription of tattoo for her initiation ritual. Engraving tattoos’ have been regarded as a part of such ceremonial rituals as one of the ways to sacrifice more blood to Satan. Jolie was required to kill and sacrifice a snake for the ritual.


There have been numerous claims that several celebrities in Hollywood join a Luciferian secret society for the establishment of their successful career in Hollywood’s cutthroat business and make it to the top leading actor/actress. The video reveals her encouragement to other fellow celebrities on initiation and joining Illuminati for getting the desired result. The video also reveals showing the recording of an Illuminati rituals shared by Jolie with one of her friends.

According to one of the two friends of Jolie, she explains viewing of the film Jolie bought that night in a halting tone. The idea of viewing sexuality and compromising pictures of normal people and celebrities and feeling great about it is the darker side of people. The identity of two friends of Jolie has been amended for their safety along with the release of the video on Youtube.