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Quarantined on Flat Earth: The Firmament Has Never Been Breached (VIDEO)

The reason why our astronauts were not harmed by the Van Allan radiation belts is because they never crossed that threshold. Everything we’re told about these radiation belts is a lie and the truth is Earth is enclosed and we can’t get out into space.

So how deep are the lies? Way, way down the rabbit hole. We go online into the NASA website to see how close a particular asteroid will come to the earth and voila !, there it is! Asteroid with its path of orbit in detail, so it must be truth right? I can imagine the laughter that comes from thinking how easily we humans can be deceived with simple programs such as these.

Complete YouTube channels are dedicated to monitoring the heavens for incoming meteors.

After discoveries were made in Antarctica by Admiral Richard E. Byrd, operation Deep Freeze I-IV was organized only to meet an abrupt and swift end that caused the US and Russia in 1959 to immediately start firing nuclear weapons straight up to the sky and kept firing for the next four years.

This was a high kiloton to low megaton bombardment and we couldn’t get them up fast enough. Only a year into the atmosphere bombardment, 10 nations including the US made Antarctica off limits to any colonization.

A treaty was put in place and to this day remains intact. Over 50 nations now have signed off on this treaty. Obviously they found something in Antarctica that must be kept hidden from the world, after all they’ve gone to extremes to implement the ball earth system which allows their evolution theory to be accepted to ultimately discredit our creator.


They’ve gone to extremes to fabricate the lies and deceptions surrounding all space expeditions and they’re proud of it. It is imperative that they keep this lie going since in order for them to discredit the creator, they had to implement the belief that we are a product of billions of years of evolution and back it up with the global earth model which was implemented in all the classrooms of the world without any proof.


CERN is your modern Tower of Babel. Just another attempt to breach the Firmament and reach heaven and as such CERN willl be destroyed.


As we were deceived to turn against our creator in heaven, we are deceived to turn against our creator on earth. Since the dawn of time humanity has given worship and sacrifice to the nephilim gods and men of renown bloodline of the serpent. They have enjoyed complete control of the earth until now.

Their veil has fallen and they’re scrambling like cockroaches in panic mode to implement all the necessary laws they need to bring forth their NWO in order to keep control of the earth for the next thousand years.


We totally surrendered out discernment to the deceivers of the heavens and the earth. We will not continue to fall for the paradigm they’ve created for us. It’s time to take our discernment back and take our earth back.